Owner's Report - Robert and Jenny


How long has it been since you installed your new kitchen?

Two years

What has been your experience since that time using your kitchen on a daily basis?

We enjoy the solidity of construction as well as the good looks. For example shelf supports are solid oak bars, where most kitchens have shelves held up by plastic clips.

How did you first hear about us?

On the internet, followed by a visit to the Christchurch display rooms.

What attracted you to our company?

The combination of a high quality bespoke solid wood kitchen with an affordable price.

Did you visit our showroom or buy from what you saw online or buy after being referred by a friend?

The website is helpful as it shows the styles and construction and range of sizes, together with some examples of finished kitchens on offer. Following on from that, visits to your showroom helped me envisage what ours finished job would look like, and discussion details with your staff.

Who did you deal with? (Karen, Myra, Jacky or Keith), and how did you find dealing with them?

Your staff were a delight to work with and very helpful. Between a couple of visits and several phone calls I was in contact with Myra, Jacky and Karen, but Myra was our primary contact.

How were the delivery arrangements made, and how did the actual delivery go?

Delivery worked out well

Who did you use for installation, and how did it go in terms of the fitting of the cabinets?

I undertook the installation myself. All the cabinets are factory built, and are very strongly made. Overall I would say the installation is straight forward for anyone who has some experience of carpentry. It is not for a complete novice. The quality of cornice and kick boards was outstanding, being of solid oak, and a joy to work on. I arranged for another company to install granite worktops after I had finished.

Have you referred us to any of your friends/relatives/colleagues?

Yes, we have. Our daughter and son-in-law bought their new kitchen from you in 2012, after seeing the finished results of ours. Ours is an oak finish, while they chose a painted finish.

Finally, what would you say to anyone thinking of buying their kitchen from us?

You will get the opportunity to build a kitchen with a distinctive character, different from the rest. Many standard “off the shelf” kitchens look very nice, but they will not attract such interest and admiration as these bespoke units do.